The Desk is in the original dry red painted surface. The wood is white pine. Maine Paint Decorated Dome Top Box, old worn surface, with mustard and brown painted swirl and grained decoration D49 Early 19th century , Virginia Chesterfield County two board top hepplewhite multi purpossce Table, in the original green painted surface, Circa C 19th century twelve drawer apothecary chest circa with dovetailed case and drawers. B 19th century antique treen butter paddle with a desirable folk art hand painted cabin with man in boat landscape scene in muted colors. D15 19th century antique treen butter paddle with a desirable folk art hand painted cabin and trees RM Carroll “Wally” Algard , Charlestown, Maryland canvasback from the first quarter of the last century with attentive head Sold! It has a chamfered edge on two sides with hand carved pegs mortised through the backboard. Sold at Skinnes Americana Auction in This set of Chairs circa D44 Early 20th century hooked rug of a running red Fox, found in Lancaster County pennslyvania, mounted on frame , great condition, beautiful colors D24 New England 19th century Butter Churn with the original green paint,This wooden butter churn is the ‘typical plunger-type butter churn C71 19th century New England black graining against a red ground on all sides including back. The box is of dovetailed construction Sold!

Woodworking in the Viking Age

From ancient times to the present the nail has kept pace with the development and evolution of other familiar tools such as the plane, saw, square, chisel and, of course, the hammer. With technological advances in building construction and materials the nail has taken on new forms, most recently as a fired fastener propelled by gunpowder or compressed air from a nail gun. But throughout all of this change, nails still remain generally recognizable as nails.

The two basic types of nails discussed here are wrought and cut. Each has its own advantages and peculiarities, each has its place in history and each bears only superficial resemblance to the other. Roman-era wrought nails and the tools that produced them are well documented from archeological finds.

For projects with a more rustic or decorative look, we offer square-cut nails and upholstery fasteners. Rough hewn fasteners are an affordable way to add a dash of character to many woodworking or construction projects.

Prior to all nails were handmade nails. They were hand cut and square. If there is no nail in the hole, but it is square, that indicates there previously was a square nail. After and closer to , nails were made by machine stamping. They were also called square and referred to as machine cut nails. Actually, they are shaped more like a spike.

One angle would look square, but the side view would be more V shaped. A hand cut nail will create a square hole. The machine stamped nails will make a rectangular shaped hole because they were stamped rectangular. Round nails or wire nails came into being around or These are like the ones we see today. The nails could have been salvaged from another piece of furniture.

Another clue about nail holes is the blacken wood around the nail.

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Square-Cut Nails Still made the same way as they were in , these traditional square-cut iron nails are produced by Tremont, the oldest nail manufacturer in the United States. Besides being historically accurate for reproduction work and period restoration, they are superior to conventional wire nails in two ways. First, they are near constant thickness but taper in width. When the parallel sides of the nail are aligned with the grain, the square tip shears fibers, which are then bent downwards and compressed as the nail is driven.

Dating antique furniture nails T+ Most people are still in place to confirm a picture frames frames frames frames and square nails be found in the u. Dating antique furniture legs, and furniture handles to dating a reasonable date stamps. Shipwrecks, or antique furniture .

Assembling the doll bed frames Attach the perpendicular slats to the side rails and lock everything together with brad nails and glue. Make sure the corners are square before inserting the nails. Add glue to the joints for a professional result. Use nails and glue. How to build a doll bed Once the bunk bed for the 18 inch dolls is ready, all you are left to do is take care of the finishing touches. Smooth the edges thoroughly with grit sandpaper and then apply stain to enhance the look of the wood.

You could use a stop block, as there are many repetitive cuts. The stop will help you get consistent results, which will make the assembly a lot easier. Basically, you can get the job done with just hand tools: There you have it:

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Please update your billing information in My WorthPoint to reactivate your account! The Tale of Old Nails Posted by: One of the key ingredients in the process of determining the age of a piece of older or antique furniture is how the wood is assembled to produce this functional work of art. Drawers are typically put together using various methods of wood joinery, i. Older case goods generally employ mortise and tenon joints, as do old chairs and doors.

Square Furniture Nails: These square-head nails make great accents. Available with black or antique brass (AB) finishes. Heads are cast from a zinc alloy and appear hand-hammered. Sizes given are side lengths. Nail lengths vary from 3/4″ to 7/8″. Priced per nail.

It is well known from research that the Romans hand-forged nails which have been found in the excavations of sunken ships from the period A. Certainly, we know they existed during the time of Christ as the Holy Bible mentions the use of nails to crucify Jesus of Nazareth at Calvary. From these deposits they smelted this ore to separate the metal from the earth and in tern began the fashioning of tools and nails similar to those they had left behind in England.

At Plymouth, the Massachusetts Bay Colony grew a sizable iron producing industry out of which came utensils, tools, ship hardware, nails, wagon treads and much more. Thus, an industry had been born—out of necessity. However, nail making in America during the Revolutionary War period was still confined to cottage industry, small shops and forge barns by private individuals where as many as a thousand nails per day could be hand-forged by skilled black smiths. Post war needs grew for nails and along with reconstruction the demand for large scale production grew.

People needed nails by the thousands to simply keep up with ever growing population and expansion of the now United States of America. Therefore, the limited supply of hand-forged nails was now insufficient. His original machine and technology lent itself to the first mass-production factory that was later built on the site of the old cotton mill known as the Parker Mill site, which the British Redcoats bombed and burned during the War of With the spread of this technology, many other nail factories popped up throughout the New England area and then continued spreading in all directions in the United States.

How to Identify the Age of Furniture by the Nails

The rood screen, coffered ceiling and wall paintings are believed to date from c when the chapel was furnished. The screen is delicately decorated with fine tracery, but the carving is rough compared to later work. Its colour scheme, which was restored in by W Caroe, is similar to an example in Exeter City Museum of the same period, and is likely to be a faithful copy. Jonathan Taylor Historic churches were once packed with fine wooden furniture, both free-standing and fixed.

Round Upholstery Tack Screw Head Nail Clavos Pin Pushpin Thumbtack Furniture Decor Door Sofa Couch Vintage Style Bronze Small Tiny Big Large Square Floral Upholstery Tacks 1/2″ Leather Tacks 10, 25, and 50 Pack Upholstery Nails Steel Upholstery Tacks Nails, Antique Brass Finish- Smooth French Style 5/8″ Shank, DIY Furniture, Jewelry.

However, learning a few basic tips and tricks used by experienced antique collectors and dealers will give even a novice collector the general knowledge needed to identify a piece of antique furniture. Tips for Identifying Antique Furniture There are several things to look for when examining a piece of furniture that help to identify it as an antique. Check for a signature or label from the furniture maker. Make sure the piece is in proportion.

For example, if the legs of the piece seem to be the wrong size or the top of the piece is out of balance with the lower portion, it is possible the furniture is a marriage. A furniture marriage occurs when two pieces, or sections, of furniture are joined together and the two are not originally from the same piece.

Check the construction of the joints. Until the late s handmade dowels or pegs held the mortise-and-tenon joints together and were slightly raised above the joints In the s glue was used on dovetailed joints. These types of joints became more refined throughout the s and the first half of the s.

Identifying Antique Furniture

Whether you’re wondering how much that family heirloom is worth or looking to score a valuable flea-market find, understanding how to determine the age of a chair helps you assess its value. To identify when dining chairs were made, look for clues in how the chair was constructed and the style of design that inspired its maker. Fasteners Studying the fasteners used to hold your dining chair together can help you narrow down when the chair was made.

Prior to , blacksmiths forged nails by hand, resulting in irregular rose-shaped heads. Square-headed nails were used from about to , when they were replaced by machine-cut, headless nails.

Also, when installing a screw-in or nail-in product on a wood furniture leg, pre-drilling a hole into the leg first may make installation easier, help prevent the nail .

Date nails are not fasteners. The two numerals on their heads are the last two numerals in a year. They came into use when railways began to treat ties with preservative, as a way of monitoring which treatments worked best, and gradually went into disuse as wood preservative technology matured and other means of marking dates were introduced. Date nails are also found in utility poles.

Date Nails and Railroad Tie Preservation. A good introduction is through Jeff Oaks’ website, http: The tie should be laid with the end having the year stamped on it on the line side of the track. Dating nails should be driven the same day the tie is put in. Any specimen shall be capable of withstanding the following test:

Furniture – Tables ; Dining, Console, Centre, etc

Email 11K Shares Regardless of whether you are building a stereo cabinet or dresser, a kitchen cabinet or bathroom vanity, basic cabinet construction is the same. A cabinet or furniture piece consists of the carcass or case with two sides, bottom and top, a back and a front. The front may contain drawers, doors or shelves or combinations of the three.

Cabinet building has several variations which may be used in construction.

Nails for Historical Archaeologists Bibliographies A Taxonomy for Square Cut Nails. The Conference on Historic Site Archaeology Papers, editor Stanley South, vol. 15, pp. Institute of Archeology and Anthropology, University of South Carolina, Columbia. Nail Chronology as an Aid to Dating Old Buildings and Paint Color Research.

Egypt Beds, stools, throne chairs, and boxes were the chief forms of furniture in ancient Egypt. Although only a few important examples of actual furniture survive, stone carvings, fresco paintings, and models made as funerary offerings present rich documentary evidence. The bed may have been the earliest form; it was constructed of wood and consisted of a simple framework supported on four legs.

A flax cord, plaited, was lashed to the sides of the framework. The cords were woven together from opposite sides of the framework to form a springy surface for the sleeper. In the 18th dynasty c. The great beds found in the tomb of Tutankhamen were put together with bronze hooks and staples so that they could be dismantled or folded to facilitate storage and transportation; furniture existed in small quantities and when the pharaohs toured their lands, they took their beds with them.

In the same tomb was a folding wooden bed with bronze hinges. Instead of pillows, wooden or ivory headrests were used. These were so essentially individual, being made to the measure of the owner, that they were often placed in tombs to be used by the dead man on his arrival in the land of eternity. Folding headrests were probably for the use of travellers. Early stools for ceremonial purposes were merely squared blocks of stone.

When made of wood, the stool had a flint seat later shaped concavely covered with a soft cushion.

Clavos Nailheads – Rustic Iron Hardware

Maker’s Marks on British Antique Furniture When buying antique furntiure it is important to look out for pieces stamped with the mark of their maker, to help date and vaule a piece. They may be stamped in a variety of ways and often in more than one place. In France a strict guild corporation insisted on stamping and verifying every single piece of furntiure that was made.

Britain did not have such strict regulations and so it is unusual and exciting to find antique British furniture that has been stamped by its maker. Often you find quite crude marks impressed on earlier pieces of furniture. In the 18th and 19th Century most marked furntiure had more sophisticated ink or hand-written inscriptions on paper labels or they were elegantly incised into the wood.

Square Nail is a custom furniture store in Andersonville Chicago, dedicated to creating unique designs from reclaimed materials. They take their name from the antique nails they pull from the wood.

These tips will help you understand a little better what the pros look at when they judge a piece of antique furniture. Following are some elements to look for that will help you better judge the age of a piece of wood. Saw Marks or Kerf Marks Pit Saw The marks left by this saw were irregular, uneven cuts made from strokes of the large saw used by two men. One man stood in a pit and the other man stood on top of the log above the pit sawing the log between them.

The men changing hand and body positions caused the irregular cuts. It was large, cumbersome and often far away from the house lot, therefore it was easier to use the pit saw rather than haul the logs to the mill and then haul the sawn lumber home. Circular Saw This saw, invented by a Shaker woman named Sister Tabitha Babbit in , but was not in general use until when steam engines came along.

The marks were circular, so it is a pretty sure bet that if you see circular saw marks, you know the board was sawn some time after Nails Hand Forged Nails before Were tapered on four sides and pointed. Twenty-five cut nails could be made in the same amount of time as one hand forged nail. Wood Screws Wood Screws This was the earliest that wood screws were used.

The end of the screw was flat. Due to the shortness of these screws, they usually only appear as hinge screws on drop leaf tables.

Your Typical Wire, Square Nails & Spoons – 2015 Metal Detecting Finds

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