While that is an optimal point for the connection of a two point sling, the KSG is really compact. This makes it ideal for the single point set up. But with a single point sling attached to the back end of the gun, the balance is off. The result shifts the balance forward, and allows for more mobility, and less movement from a resting position to the shoulder. The KSG moves naturally and fluidly, and the pin itself can be installed in a matter of seconds. The Button Sling A double point sling is a great way to carry a long gun over long distances. If you have time to throw a gun over your shoulder, and time to swing it back around before shooting, the double point works fine.

What are my sling mounting options on my new Classic

Posts Good review from a LEO who has been involved in on duty shootings. This is why we build to a high quality standard. Mission Adapted Design contacted me and inquired about the possibility of testing their new sling mount, appropriately named “Hook-Up”.

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Only a few stand out from the sea of nylon webbing. The Magpul MS4 is one. I first became acquainted with Magpul slings when they released the MS2. The idea was sound. The single point sling was a necessity I loathed. It made switching to support side simple when flowing through a building. However when the entry was done and it was time to escort prisoners out or assist in a search I found my rifle constantly banging about.

So much so that I was grateful for the groin protection on my vest. A sling that allows for single point configuration for CQB and two point configuration for patrol or admin carry is a great concept. This feature has been available on all the Magpul slings, so you may be wondering what makes the MS4 so special.

Until this point the Magpul slings all seem to have been designed with light AR15 rifles in mind.

Galco Bungee Sling

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I live in a very dense coastal mountain range of mostly noble fir trees and I back-sling my KSG as I am cutting firewood, it has gotton very wet, picked up lots of stray wood chips from the chainsaw, gets tossed into the UTV and then still shoots reliably, every time, all the time.

What do you like and how does it work for you. JPourciau I like QD at both ends myself It’s great for a “quick-kill” carry but I wonder if the hook might get caught on the charging handle. HK hooks are quick, but noisy, and will pop out under the right circumstances. MASH hooks aren’t really known to pop out, are quick, but are still noisy. Pushbutton QD mounts were quieter, but not really quiet, quick, but I worried about accidental release. What I ended up doing was using Fastex buckles, the side release ones.

Single-point vs. Two-point slings

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Two-point slings So…be honest. All of you who have a primary or even secondary or any redundant long gun, have some sort of weapon retention system built onto your firearm? Not only do they serve the same purpose as the holster, i. Firearm stabilization when shooting offhand and firearm storage when not on your person come to mind as being on the top of the list. There are literally hundreds of different designs and makes of long gun slings, but the majority fall into two types: Single-Point Sling Single-point sling setup.

The Single-point sling attaches to your long gun at one point, hence the name. It is generally a large loop that goes around your body, over one shoulder and under the other, with a bungee-type tether with a hook on the other end.

Best AR-15 Sling Mount , My Five , Lets See if You Disagree?

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My single point sling keeps the muzzle pretty much straight down. I prefer the single point over a two point though, so it’s one of those things that I have to live with. I used a single point for a while but always found it a little awkward when transition to pistol (or notebook), climbing ladders and walls, etc.

The myriad options available out there to sling your weapon are a mind-bending jungle of nylon straps, clips, swivels and attachment points. Obviously, the type of weapon and the duty it will serve are the primary considerations. For others who have to spend long hours on foot with a weapon ready, a harness system is a better fit.

Here are some new slings and harnesses for ARs, carbines, submachine guns and shotguns that are solidly built and serve a variety of functions in the field. BlackHawk Storm Sling This unique single-point sling is constructed of high-strength, 1. The bungee allows for up to 4 inches of flex for weapon agility and CBQ tactics.

The sling adjusts from 46 inches to 64 inches in diameter to fit a wide variety of body sizes and around body armor and tactical vests. An elastic-encased MASH clip gives quick, positive firearm attachment.

Sling attachment options?

Do not use horizontal angles less than 30 degrees except as recommended by the sling manufacturer or a qualified person. Rated loads for a sling in a choker hitch are the values shown in Table 7 , 9 , 11 , 13 , 14 , or 15 , provided that the angle of the choke is degrees or more Fig. Use the values in Fig. For other materials and for configurations not shown, use the rated loads provided by the sling manufacturer or a qualified person. Perform welding of handles or other accessories to end attachments, except covers to thimbles, before assembly of the sling.

Single point sling – MidwayUSANew Arrivals · Low Price · Product Features · 4 Stars.

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Sling attachment options?

Disclaimer Looking for the best Glock 19 holster? The pistol is one of the best selling handguns of all times, and consequently, there are a lot of carry rigs and accessories available for it. The bad news is it can take a lot of looking to find the exactly right holster for your needs.

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I should probably pass the sling on to someone who carries the m4 daily. Doesn’t block access to pouches, hangs from dominant shoulder rather than falling down center of chest. Buy this sling, and your days of racking yourself in the nuts when you run are over. Review by Ol’ Sarge Price Quality Value Keeps the butt of your rifle on your shoulder you know, where you want it for aimed fire but it also keeps your carbine out of the way, should you need to carry your wounded buddy out of a burning Stryker.

I just prefer a sling because i dOn’t wear body armor all the time and im short so it buries The muzzle in the diRt when i kneel to treat casualties. This would work well with a quick disconnect sling just above the pistol grip vs the End of the stock you could take off and replace with this when you were on patrol. It keeps my weapon close by without getting in the way. If you are a convoy type of guy, this is for you. It can be on your weapon without interfering with another sling if you really want to go that way.

For getting in and out of vehicles, this thing is a must have.

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Mission Adapted Design contacted me and inquired about the possibility of testing their new sling mount, appropriately named “Hook-Up”. Its a two piece design that allows it to be mounted on the extension buffer tube without having to remove the receiver end plate, thereby keeping the original stake on the castle nut. Just a quick personal side note, I have been in 3 on duty shootings in my career, so I take my equipment seriously.

There is way too much gimmick crap out there on the market, so being able to test gear first before I buy is a plus, as I tend to put it thru some of the scenarios I’ve been exposed to over the years. When using a two point sling, it aids when switching firing shoulders right to left , as the sling doesn’t bind nearly as much, compared to a solid attachment.

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How to install a single point sling mount on an AR15

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